Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network’s draft expert and a former scout with the Eagles, Ravens and Browns, discussed Combine invitees from Penn State including Woodland Hills graduate Niles Sanders.

Grade: 2nd / 3rd round

Breakdown: “If he works out great, he could climb his way into the second round. But because there are so many names at running back, he’s someone I could see in that third-round range. That would be a nice sweet spot for him. … It’s not his fault he was stuck behind Saquon Barkley. He’s a really, really good player. Talking to teams around the league, they’re fired up about him. The burst, lateral quickness. He’s loose. You see him in pass protection, which is nice to see. He can anchor down. He had one mental error from what I saw, but other than that he was solid in that area. He just has some real burst. On 215 pounds, he can scoot. Ceiling-wise, I wouldn’t be surprised if he fought his way into the second round if he aces the tests from here to the draft.”

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